Picture of Blue Released Today

 Today I am releasing a song that means so much to me…it takes me back to the person I was at 27 and it makes me cry…I guess I still harbour anger that no one took me under a wing of protection and love and good advice…maybe I wouldn’t have listened…but if I respected them I would have…I had no one like that around…no mentor…no guide…I self-medicated on drink…I was sad and lonely and lost…but…I was creative and I was romantic in the sense of a poet…I wrote and I sang and I tried to find a way…and I continue to do so while I have breath…

Picture of Blue…lyrics were written some 32 years ago…mentally I was a mess…drinking to self heal…erratic and lonely…just me in a bedroom with my guitar…couldn’t and can’t remember the chords…so I have kept it simple…things have changed so much since then…I only wish my present self could have wrapped my arms around this troubled young man and said everything will be ok…the backing vocals represent the voices of those who could have helped but just kept repeating the obvious and therefore the oblivious…

Review of Mark Ramsey Gott’s music


Monday, Apr 21 at 7:04 AM

“..The fear that used to dance around me has gone and I’ve set myself free..” very cool lyrical skills on these songs Mark..a rich, introspective emotional landscape you’re exploring..works so well on songs like “god’s snow” and “small”. I really like the simply, uncluttered acoustic playing which really lets the words shine through. I enjoyed the listen!