Review of Mark Ramsey Gott’s music


Monday, Apr 21 at 7:04 AM

“..The fear that used to dance around me has gone and I’ve set myself free..” very cool lyrical skills on these songs Mark..a rich, introspective emotional landscape you’re so well on songs like “god’s snow” and “small”. I really like the simply, uncluttered acoustic playing which really lets the words shine through. I enjoyed the listen!

This is Real Time Information

Received a letter from HMRC on Saturday saying I owed them £1650 as an employee for PAYE for November, December and January. Which was very interesting, as I closed my business down last August. Fuming is not the word I would have used for Saturday and you can’t get at them because their office is closed. When I closed my business down I did it properly with my Accountant. HMRC now boast Real Time Information or RTI. You can have all the Real Time Information in the world, but if the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing you aint gonna get yer black belt if you catch my drift. I have been unemployed since August due to injury and money is very tight. So telling me I owe that amount is going to cause me distress all weekend, even though I knew it couldn’t be right. Just got off the phone to them, as I have been awake most of the night waiting for their office to open. Guess what? I don’t owe them anything. No apology though. I might also get further letters saying I owe them money, but I can ignore them. I despair with a sigh of relief.