Official Video of my New Single: The Lake by Mark Ramsey Gott

The Lake by Mark Ramsey Gott

‘The Lake’ started out as a poem written by me in the 1980’s. It was developed into a song in the 1990’s, but didn’t have enough lyrics to carry a full song. Last year I added lyrics to it and finally completed it. On the surface (pun intended) it is about my favourite lake on Wollaton Park in Nottingham. However, the lake is really a metaphor for a darkness in the human spirit. What do you think that darkness is? Listen to my song and let me know what your interpretation is.

Official Video: Charlotte Rayne by Mark Ramsey Gott

Charlotte Rayne by Mark Ramsey Gott

‘Charlotte Rayne’ represents millions of young females worldwide who leave their education system with low self-esteem and doubts about their place in the scheme of things. I hope my song and video will serve as an inspiration to those young females everywhere on their journeys to bloom and flourish. Mark x