Official Video: Young Soul Boy by Mark Ramsey Gott

My stripped back lofi acoustic song with a story to tell. Filmed on Bramcote Hills in Nottingham where I would play as a boy and where the song’s story is set. My Father would lock me out of the house when I was around 18 if I had not come home before he went to bed. I would grab my sleeping bag from the garage and a bottle of wine and go and sleep on top of a nearby hill until he had gone to work the next morning.

Annie Beth Always by Mark Ramsey Gott

I wrote this song shortly after the birth of my daughter Annie…the video features me holding her a few days after her birth…the song is about the feelings I had around her arrival…I am releasing the song soon…you can see and hear the full video on InstaTV thingy…#newmusic #acoustic #acousticguitar #ashtonguitar #mixcraft9 #nottingham #markramseygott #singersongwriter